Welcome to Morris Safe House

Morris Safe House is a non-profit, no-kill rescue facility for dogs in Lubbock. We address both the physical and psychological needs of each dog to ensure a happy, healthy reintroduction into their new forever homes.
By offering one of our sheltered dogs a place inside your home and heart, you are giving it a second chance at life. Click here to see all of our adoptable pets.
The financial needs to upkeep the shelter are innumerable, from freight on food to medical bills to general upkeep. Your donation allows us to continue caring for these innocent animals.
By offering your time and love, you are allowing us to continue saving pets' lives. From coordinating donation drives to walking the dogs, there are plenty of areas of need.

Morris Safe House provides OWNER care, NOT shelter care for all the dogs we rescue. Until a safe and suitable home is found, each dog is treated as our own.

Sallie Morris, Founder